Are eBooks Better Than Printed Books?

Imagine your flight gets delayed and you are stuck waiting in the airport and there is still a lot of time before you can catch the next flight. You suddenly wish if you had your favorite novel with you.

But then looking at the overloaded luggage, you just conclude that it was not possible. An e-book is an electronic book or a digitized publication that is equivalent to a conventional printed book. You can easily get the best future technology books online.

Several devices can be used to read an e-book which includes a mobile, PC, a PDA, a laptop, or any device that has a screen and a memory. With an e-book, you can't feel the experience of placing the book on your shelf or dosing it off with it on your bed.

Reading an e-book is far easier, more fun, and fast than a printed book. You can acquire thousands of e-books from any online storefront without spending time finding the required book from the books stores.

You either need an e-book reader for reading an e-book or you can install it on your mobile. There are a number of free e-book readers available for Palm, Windows Mobile, and Symbian users.

Reading an e-book on mobile is a better option because it fits easily into your pocket. E-books make it easier to keep your focus while reading. They provide you the option to change the font size and scroll it to the required spot effortlessly.