Brief Regarding Sunmica And How Is It Made Of

Sunmica is  rich and versatile and still trendy. Sunmica is a trusted brand for laminates. Sunmica became so renowned that it replaced the word "laminate" with its own. That's why sellers, carpenters, contractors and housewives just say they need Sunmica, not laminate.

So when you think of Sunmica, you are basically implying that you want to use laminates for your furniture at home. Om Lamcoat is a very renowned sunmica manufacturer in India.

sunmica sheet design

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What is Sunmica

Sunmica is mainly used for home decoration and renovation. Due to its quality, strength, price and variety of properties, Sunmica is preferred as a laminate material. Sunmica has changed the way laminates are used to decorate homes.

What is Sunmica made of

Interestingly, Sunmica is made from a mixture of plastic resin, aesthetic chocolate, and translucent paper, and is also lighter. Compared to the other 1.5 millimeter-thick Formica variants, Sunmica is only 1 millimeter thick.

For the same reason, Sunmica reminds brands unlike any other brand as a substitute for laminate. Sunmica is available in over 400 colors and countless textures and is undeniably timeless.

Sunmica usually consists of three leaves. They are arranged with a base coat, which is not used for decorative reasons. Carpenters apply glue to this primer. However, the second layer serves as a decorative layer. Most often it is a sheet. At this level you can choose the design of your choice. Lastly, there's the top layer, which is translucent and ensures scratch resistance.