Buy Gas-Lift Bar Stools Online

So, you’re looking for bar stools for your kitchen or dining area. But what exactly does a gas-lift kitchen stool mean? Gas lift bar stools have variable height mechanisms; the seat can be elevated or dropped to a height anywhere between the highest and lowest reach of the column. 

gas lift bar stools

For example, they can be altered to fit below any surface and raised for children or the smaller individual. It consists of a hydraulic cylinder that makes up the main stem of the stool and a part of it is often sheathed by the footrest.

To help you decide, we’ve written a quick list of pros and cons so you can see what features would best suit you and your home..


  • Gas lift stools are heavier, therefore making them sturdier and less likely to topple over.

  • A gas lift system allows you to easily adjust the height, making a gas lift stool far more versatile.

  • The swivel ability for a gas lift bar stool will allow friends and family to get up off of the seat without having to move the stool every time.


  • If you need to move your stool around regularly, a gas lift seat might not be the best option as they are heavy and somewhat awkward to move.

  • Because of the gas lift mechanism, a gas lift stool does come at a higher price point. Consider whether you’ll benefit from the gas lift to make it a worthy investment.

These are some pros and cons of gas-lift bars. Keep these in mind when buying it online. Happy Shopping!