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It chapter is actually regarding publication ?

It chapter is actually regarding publication ?

At this time, I don’t have access to an array that supports an explicit ALUA-only mode. However, the log from such an array would show the value of the TPGS field as 2.

Pinpointing ALUA Devices’ Highway County

The next thing in the problem solving would be to identify the state of the trail or pathways to your ALUA equipment. (We security the facts regarding multipathing from inside the Chapter 7.) Inside area, I show you how-to choose the path states. Contour 6.17 reveals output regarding following order:

TPG_condition-As in the output of the device list, this matches the value equivalent to the previous field, Class State (for example, AO or ANO).

RTP_id-This is the relative target port ID, the port ID from which the inquiry response was sent to the initiator. The vital product data (VPD) included in this string includes the relative target port ID. So, with two paths per HBA in this example, two inquiry strings were received by each HBA. The first, on vmhba2, came from RTP ID 13, and the second came from RTP ID 5. In contrast, on vmhba3, the first inquiry string was received from RTP ID 14, and the second was received from RTP ID 6.

RTP_fitness-This is the health status of the RTP. It can be either Up or Off. In the output shown in Figure 6.17, it is Right up. If it were Off, the Group Condition value would be Inactive instead of Active or Active Unoptimized.

Because for each HBA notices some other RTP IDs, you are aware that each HBA was associated with a new fabric. This is actually the demanded setting to quit a single section off incapacity, given that found regarding the instances when you look at the Part 2. (We provide further info during the Chapter 7.)

Within try chapter from Storage Construction and you will Execution in the vSphere 6: An occurrence Deep Dive, next Model, know how to identify individuals ALUA (Asymmetric Logical Equipment Access) configurations as well as how some other configurations change the servers. Continue reading It chapter is actually regarding publication ?