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Comments for Horrible experience with Virgo man

Comments for Horrible experience with Virgo man

After 8 years of dating a Virgo man, he ended it

Lying, flirting with my own friend, cold hearted, selfish, scared of commitment, stuck to his mother, insecure, does lots of criticizing, aggressiveness. Virgo male and Aquarius woman, not a match made in Heaven at all! Great sex nothing else. RUN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!

Russ Lee from Lincoln in England is your classic Virgo.. full of quick wit, energy, fun, warmth Ubba charming and oozes sex appeal .. loves the ladies, loves female company and everything else on here thats already being stated about the Virgo but Id like to add to my own uptake ..

We all have feelings and get hurt and need our ‘ alone ‘ time, but not all of us treat people in such a disgraceful manner.. they’re just men.. and you’re all worthy of much more respect

I started dating a Virgo we’re supposed to be a perfect match

What’s that you say? Virgos are offended by bad hygiene?? Let me tell you about the average Virgo idiot male. He will spend an hour on his hair and then forget to trim his obnoxious nose hairs. Continue reading Comments for Horrible experience with Virgo man