Discover the benefits of Pilates Reformer sessions in Annapolis

Pilates is a popular exercise system with over 11 million followers worldwide and more than 14000 instructors in the USA. Joseph Pilates, a German man who developed this method for maintaining physical fitness in the early 20th Century. It was called Contrology because his fitness program was based on the use of the mind to control the function of muscles.

Pilates is founded on the principle that mental and physical well-being are interconnected. Pilates is more than just exercising your body. It's about developing perfect coordination between mind, body, and spirit. For decades, in Annapolis, Pilates has been a tool that professionals in all walks of life have used to improve their physical fitness. It is used by celebrities and athletes to improve stamina and keep them in shape.

The greatest benefits of Pilates reformer sessions are :

In Annapolis, it is full-body strength training that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul. It helps you to be aware of how your body feels in space.

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Increased Strength and Less Body Weight – Traditional fitness methods can help create muscles that are both short and bulky. These muscles can be very vulnerable to injury. Quest Fitness in Annapolis offers pilates reformer classes that help you to build stronger, longer, and more elastic muscles. The muscles won't swell even when you are under stress.

Core Control – Although many weight training exercises do not focus on strengthening the body from the inside of the body. Pilates is an exercise that helps to strengthen the muscles deep within the body. There are two types of muscles: the deep abdominal and the ones that surround the spine. Both are largely unaffected by traditional exercise programs. Pilates strengthens these two muscles, which can help to strengthen the body from the inside and out.