Factors To Consider When Buying A Hair Topper In Toronto

Before you go shopping, you need to determine what type of hair loss you are experiencing. You can experience three main types of hair loss: early, progressive, and advanced hair loss. 

Continuation losses are losses that are only at an early stage. This type is characterized by a diffuse pattern on the top of your head. If you have this type, you will need a small base size topper. You can also easily get high-quality hair extensions in Toronto from various online resources.

When you are in the progressive stage, your scalp becomes visible because you have a rare section of hair. The best topper you should choose is the one that has a medium to a large base. 

In advanced stages, you will have bald spots that are easily visible. When buying a topper, choose one that has a large base as it will cover a large and exposed area better. If you don't like the top, you can use a full wig.

The main type depends on the stage of hair loss you are experiencing. Despite the fact that the foundations are of different sizes, there are also different construction methods. 

The most common types are monofilament and classic. The monofilament base is formed by attaching each hair to a soft mesh material. As each hair is tied by hand to the base, it represents the look of real hair growing from the scalp.