Family Office Services in The US

High-wealth clients can use family office services to help them realize their dreams of leaving a lasting legacy for their loved ones. The first step to achieving this goal is to create a Family Wealth Statement.

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How to set up a family office: What to consider when choosing an advisor - RBC Wealth Management

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This document summarizes the family patriarch's, matriarch's, and business associates' goals. This statement is useful for accountants, attorneys, and advisors. It will help them create a plan that will assist you in reaching your financial legacy goals while also ensuring that it meets your personal needs and values. 

You will have a conversation with your advisors during this preparation about the legal and financial circumstances that might prevent you from achieving your goals.

A Comprehensive Financial Checkup will summarize all aspects of your financial situation. This comprehensive financial checkup will examine legal and financial information, as well as investments and insurance. 

This will help you identify the areas that need to be improved in order to achieve your goals. These "gaps" will be addressed and corrected. You'll also enjoy an increase in retirement income, lower taxes, increased charitable giving potential, and greater transfer to your heirs. These are all essential components of a complete financial checkup.

A Value Proposal Letter will outline the potential financial benefits you could enjoy in retirement. This letter will discuss the planning process that leads to these benefits. We will also provide a quote for our services to make this plan a reality. 

Family Office Services will only provide a small percentage of the benefits that you will receive. A Value Proposal Letter will include a summary of your reasons for having a comprehensive or tactical plan developed by these services.