Fast and Easy Way to Repair Dents

Regardless of whether you have an accident or if your car is hit by the elements, you can count on our Innovative Solutions & Technology team to help you restore your car's natural beauty. Our expert welders use the best auto body technology and equipment to restore your car to look like a new car.

All welds are factory-made for the maximum strength of your car. For minor repairs, our colorless recess fix puts less stress on the recesses, which pulls the metal back for a smooth finish. If you have less time to visit a car repair center, then you can do it by yourself at home. The only thing you need to have is products like pro spot products which help to solve problems. 


pro spot dent puller

An additional step in removing dents

In some cases, our engineers need to remove the vehicle interior trim, headlights, and other components to reach the rear of the recess. This is done appropriately to avoid further damage to the structure and surfaces of your vehicle. Removing dye without color usually only takes a few hours.

The time required will be covered by the technique when you receive your assessment results. Colorless dent removal is an environmentally friendly process that is done on your car, and our computerized paint mixing system ensures that your repair will match its original finish.

Contact us for service

If you live in New Jersey and have bumps, and little indentations on the cover of your car, Innovative Solutions & Technology can help. Call one of our certified technicians at 973-348-9490.