Follow The Trend Of Wearing Stylish Polo Shirt

Bored of wearing the polo shirt the same way? Then this piece is just for you. Polo players and golfers made polo shirts famous, but there's more to it than just that.

 The polo shirt at is extremely versatile, so much so that it looks good with absolutely anything.

With some styling, you can dress up or dress down with men's polo shirts, as long as you opt for something basic and neutral, minus the logos. Here are a few of the ways.

Suit up

If dress shirts are what come to your mind when you think of a linen suit, then this may change your thinking. Shirts look just as good with a linen suit, provided the shirt isn't too loud or bright, and the suit isn't too formal.

For instance, a powder blue suit can be paired with a dark blue shirt; a black suit can be paired with a dark grey polo.

You can also pull an all-white look with a white suit and white polo. Make sure the whites match, and the polo is clean and crisp.

Tailored chic

Shirts for men can be ideal companions to a pair of tailored pants. The fitted silhouette of the polo and tailored pants are a match made in heaven.

Tailored chinos, a polo shirt, and a pair of lace-ups is the ideal attire for any occasion- from a causal day at office to an evening party.

Accessorize the look with a smart pair of loafers and put on a blazer for some added panache.