How to Design the Perfect Book Cover At Home

Best of all, you don't need complicated photo editing software to do this – all you need is Microsoft PowerPoint. Here's a step by step guide to help you create a cover for any ebook you want: You can also get the information about books design by clicking at:

Firewire Creative – Innovative Book Design

Find Microsoft Works in your Start menu and select PowerPoint.

 After selecting PowerPoint, switch to the Design tab. Once the Design menu opens, look for a slide orientation option and select "Portrait" for your slide design.

 Go to the Insert tab and select a photo. Browse the photos in your photo library and find the appropriate image.jpg that you want to use on your cover.

 Select a drawing tool mode that will open automatically after you upload an image. Allows the photo to "bleed" from the edge of the cover.

 To do this, drag a box from the side of the photo to the edge. Picture tools mode can be switched on and off by clicking the selected image for your cover slide.

 Select the Format tab. You can find it on the drawing toolbar. In the formatting area, you will find a variety of tools you can use to enhance your photos and make your work easier.

 If you want your photo to serve as the background for the e-book title and author's name, you can simply hit the "Restore" option.

These options can be found on the Arrange tab of the Formatting tab.