How to Install Your Replacement Windows

It is a good idea for homeowners to hire a professional when deciding whether to replace windows themselves or hire a replacement window company. You must now make sure that the replacement window has all the necessary hardware. 

This hardware includes window cranks, window locks, and linkages. You must ensure that the window locks opens and closes smoothly. If it is not working properly, you can look for better window locks via

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Although it's possible to do a DIY job if you have the necessary tools, many steps must be taken to ensure the window is properly installed.

1. Remove the replacement window from its frame.

2. After the frame has been installed, remove the toenail and insert shims at least twice while you lay the level in the middle. 

3. Next, take your driver or nail gun and place a nail through the frame and shims. The nail will go right into the window support.

4. Continue the process on the sides. Make sure to check that they are vertical.  

5. Your new window installation will look even if the sides and bottom are shimmed.  

6. For your replacement window, attach any hardware that is required

7. Install the hardware to replace your window. Secure any screws using your driver.

You can see that installing replacement windows can be a complex process with many steps. It is best to hire a replacement window company if you don't have the experience or confidence to do it correctly. This will help you avoid any problems later on and ensure the building inspector approves your work.