How To Utilize Banners & Brochures To Promote Your Business

• Strong, clear writing: A brochure or banner can contain very specific information about your business that your customers can quickly pick up and remember.

It's no surprise to hear that one of the most important factors in your print (or online) marketing success is the power of your message.

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Use language that is easy to understand, concise and logical. Make sure your contact information is clearly visible on all printed marketing materials.

• Brochure design is simple and eye-catching: You want your brochure or banner to attract customers and not make them look different. Use simple layouts and fonts, and limit the number of words and images used so the material doesn't get cluttered.

• Appealing colors and images: With colorful and eye-catching images, your customers can see your print marketing and remember what's inside.

• Use a quality direct mailing list: When you send out brochures, invitations, and messages, you don't want them to be confused with spam.

The quality of your mailing list (as well as the content) will grab your print marketing attention. Stamping techniques can also help make your brochure look personal.

• Get creative when displaying brochures and banners: Make sure you consider where to display your print marketing so that it achieves its intended purpose.

You should place it in a high-traffic area that is easily accessible. Also, make sure you fill in the area regularly to get maximum benefits.