Is Permanent Makeup the Right Option For You?

To Be or Not To Be (Natural), that is the Question. The answer to that question is quite often a resounding, 'Not if I can help it!' All things considered, a woman will do whatever is necessary to always present herself in the best possible light.

Often women will think to themselves – wouldn't it be great if there was such a thing as permanent makeup? long-lasting makeup eyebrows are gaining a lot of attention these days, it is a procedure similar.



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And while you're thinking about that, consider these questions, as well – Do you feel better, or more confident, when you wear make-up?

Do your allergies have you rubbing your eyes constantly, leaving you looking like a panda? Are you a sentimental softy, weeping over every little thing and generally looking like Tim Curry's stand-in for his role in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Have you ever looked longingly at your child's brown crayon, because you mislaid your eyebrow pencil? Do you hate the look of a lipstick kiss on your teacup?

If you did answer yes to any of these questions, and if time is an important factor for you, then you may want to consider an alternative to the daily hassle of painting on eyebrows where you have little or no brow definition, lining your eyes so that they appear larger and brighter.

Permanent Makeup is the most effective way of reducing your time in front of the mirror, taking up valuable space in your bag with unnecessary cosmetics.