Motorised Treadmills – Benefits Over Manual Treadmills

motorised treadmill

When you first shop for a motorised treadmill, the main question on your mind is which one is best suited to your needs? Each of them comes with their own group of pros and cons, both of which can be extremely helpful for your exercise regime. If you have recently decided that you want to start working out with a treadmill then this article will give you a good grounding in what to look for when you are looking for the best one. It's important that you have an idea of how you are going to use your new equipment before you start shopping so don't just go straight to the cheaper models.


The first thing you need to think about is whether you are really going to benefit from a motorised treadmill versus a manual one. Some people swear by manual treadmills, claiming that they work far better than any other type of device and that they're easier to start running with. But is this true? If you have always run on a treadmill then you may be surprised to hear that while the motorised models are quiet to run, and are a great way of starting out running if you have never used a manual treadmill before, they aren't ideal for long distance running on level ground.


There are a few different types of treadmills, as featured on that you can purchase, including ones that are purely for recreational use and those which are designed with more specific goals in mind. The most common type of treadmill for recreational users is the flat weave runner which has a flat outer surface and a slightly curved inner core for increased durability. These treadmills are very popular among runners as they are easy to use and they mimic the feel of jogging on grass. But as with all machines, there are some disadvantages, and some athletes find that they struggle to use them for long periods of time. In addition, this type of treadmill is usually not recommended for individuals with back problems as the fabric on non-motorised treadmills can become uncomfortable and even irritate them.


A motorised treadmill is ideally suited for athletes or anyone who requires power. They provide a constant and reliable source of exercise by providing a forward and backwards movement as you walk or run. They are easy to use as they don't require the physical effort that walking or running on a flat surface requires, but they do require electricity. The amount of energy used is dependent upon how quickly you are advancing and stopping, as well as the force with which you push the handlebar. Because they rely on electricity to function they are only suitable for use in well ventilated areas.


For an even more intense workout on an incline treadmill provides the ultimate in cardiovascular fitness. They often provide a forward and reverse motion that can be adjusted according to an individual's needs. They provide a constant speed workout that requires less effort than the plain old manual style, and they can offer a better workout than many motorised options as they offer a greater incline.


Larger models of treadmills also come with an enclosed console that offers more comfort and convenience. There are separate channels for running, jogging and climbing stairs which offer a complete workout experience. Some models will have built in benches that offer more back support as the legs are raised to increase the heart rate. A console containing a thermostat is an excellent addition, allowing users to set a personal target heart rate and also reduce the chance of over exerting themselves. They can be used in any weather and are extremely comfortable whether there is a breeze or rain.


The motorised treadmill has revolutionised the treadmill industry, and there is now a huge choice to choose from. The incline treadmill offers the best cardiovascular workout as the extra incline will work the legs more than the upper body. The motorised treadmill offers a great workout, with a constant speed and incline to give a more intense workout than the manual running machines.


If you are looking for an all around machine that can give you all of your exercise equipment needs power, distance and weight loss then a motorised model is the way to go. If your budget is lower than higher end manual treadmills then you can find budget-priced models that will still give you all of the same features and functions that you would find with a top range manual treadmill. There is no better piece of home exercise equipment than a motorised treadmill which offers both convenience and affordability. Go for one and enjoy all of the benefits that a motorised treadmill has to offer!