NPPs accomplishments without data dispersal made me cry

Director for Imaginative Arts at the National Commission on Culture (NCC), Socrate Sarfo, has actually discussed the reason behind his tears in a viral video of him shedding tears.

According to him, the tears were because even though the incumbent Ghana government has done so much for the arts industry, dissemination of info worrying such accomplishments is low.

A couple of weeks earlier, Mr. Sarfo who functions as a filmmaker, was reported on Ghana Plus News to have publicly expressed his dissatisfaction in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for disregarding him.

He specified that some celebrities who rallied behind the NPP four years earlier," are burning out due to the fact that the aggravation is too much".

On Joy FM's Showbiz A-Z with George Quaye, Socrates made information.

"It was a cry for details since, after years of calling for help from the then NDC federal government, all we got as an accomplishment for arts in those days is Hyundai i10 automobiles that were shared to a few of the party's faithful.

"Now, the ruling party has done rather a lot and there's no circulation of details," he said.

He included, "There's a government that has actually not carried out but has loud-mouthed people out there, and a federal government doing a lot however quiet which's the obstacle of the NPP government".

It will be recalled that, after Socrates shared tears, he avoided visiting the PeaceFM entertainment review programme for a while, as the panels were ready to question him about various claims, he has made severally in which he had no evidence to that effects.

Socrate Safo is a strong member of the incumbent NPP government who is responsible for answering questions related to the Creative Arts industry.

The government has come under a lot of pressure from the opposition party with their juicy promises to change the face of the Creative Arts industry when they win power in the upcoming election.