Protecting your home with a composite door

The front door to your house is often the first thing people see when they approach or move from the premises. The front door can improve the overall look of your entryway and bring about creating a definitive statement for your property. You can also take good quality composite doors supplied and fitted services.


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In appearance, higher quality composite doors tend to be indistinguishable from wood doors. They're made out of wood grain and also come in many different finishes, like cherry or walnut. Nonetheless, these doors are made from fiber – a tough, resilient material designed to resist the need for everyday use in addition to extremes in weather conditions. 

Composite doors are created from a mix of PVC, polyfoam, hardwood, GRP, harnessing the potency and aesthetic advantages of every textile to create a doorway that's far superior to a number of the choices available now. 

Wood-plastic composite doors are produced from cellulose fiber fillers like sawdust mixed with vinyl, coloring agents, and foam for insulation. The molding process which sets it all together allows for a huge assortment of finishes and designs. 

Fiberglass composites, made of resin and fiberglass, provide more layout alternatives for the surface. The crux of the doorway, usually made of polyurethane, provides exceptional insulation, while the fiberglass skin is weather resistant, won't fade or crack, and doesn't need painting.