Routine Computer Maintenance Tips

When cleaning your computer monitor, be sure to unplug it from the wall outlet. You can remove dirt and fingerprints with a simple household glass cleaner sprayed on a lint-free cloth. DO NOT spray directly onto the computer screen.

No liquid must get into the electrical components. Be sure to protect the ventilation slots from dirt and paper. To find more about the routine computer maintenance visit

routine computer maintenance

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Safely shut down computer peripherals

USB ports and other computer peripherals should be managed with care to avoid serious injury to your computer. Never turn on or turn off peripheral devices while your computer is on.

This could result in a short circuit that could seriously damage your computer. Always shut down your computer before adding, removing, or disabling computer peripherals.

Weekly computer virus scans

As viruses become more complex and more aggressive, a good antivirus has become an absolute necessity to keep your computer safe. However, many people are unsure of how often to scan their computers for viruses.

Scheduling weekly virus scans is a good precaution. A full scan is also recommended if the antivirus claims it has detected and cleaned viruses.

Viruses can make changes to system settings and cause computer errors that may persist after the antivirus program removes the virus. Running a computer health scan after the virus scan will keep your computer in top condition.