Safety Tips for a Portable Basketball Hoop

A portable basketball hoop is a great way for the whole family to get exercise and bonding while playing outdoor sports. These hoops are sturdy and don't require a lot of safety. However, those who can't afford expensive hoops should be aware of the safety features. Here are some safety tips to help you choose the best portable basketball hoop. To learn more about portable basketball hoops visit

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Wheels – Before you start a game, it is important to make sure that your wheels are locked in place. The hoop may move or tip over if you or your child attempt a lay-up shot. The best hoops have a wheel locking mechanism. If yours doesn't, you can find a way to either keep them stable or take them out completely.

Weight – To anchor the hoops, many portable basketball hoops will require that you place sand or another material in the base. The base should contain the right amount of weight to ensure that the hoop is safe. If the weight is not correct, the hoop could tip over, inflicting injury on a player.

Adult supervision – An adult must supervise children when they are using the hoop. Children are not trained to use dangerous equipment. This can cause injuries or even damage to the equipment. If an adult is unable to supervise, a child older than the age of 7 should watch the younger children.

Basketball hoops can be used for exercise and practice at home. Basketball requires that you take the necessary precautions. You should never do anything that could cause the basketball to tip over, or hang from the rim to attempt to dunk it.