Should I Sell my House without Asbestos Clearance?

Newcastle asbestos

No one likes to get less on selling something he/she owns, be it a house or a car. However, various issues can make your home less valuable or not applicable for sale, including asbestos presence. So, if you have those tiny fibers at your place, you might be worried if you can still sell your home and move to a new one. A straight answer to this question is yes, but it can attract legal action if you disclose it.

Asbestos and Homes

Earlier, asbestos was a valuable part of construction materials. And for homes built in the past (most probably the period before ‘80s), yours is likely to have those old tiles, insulation, or another contaminated section. Thus, an aware buyer might get an inspection done before putting the final deal on the table.

Get Asbestos Inspection before Putting up a Sale

Are you worried about asbestos infestation and got no clue about it? It’s best to hire an inspector to check your place. A clean chit from the home inspection team can help increase the selling price of your place.

Contrary, if you find asbestos present in your home, you must opt for removal service before selling.

Will the Buyer Know About Asbestos?

If asbestos is present in a small amount in your home, you might get along well with it without disclosing it. However, there are chances that the buyer will know about it, maybe a little later. If the buyer is planning a renovation or anything that disturbs the fibers, he/she will be exposed to them and related health risks.

Thus, it’s always suggested to get inspection and removal of asbestos in Newcastle before starting the sale process.