The Process of Getting Invisalign in Queensbury

Invisalign are clear dental aligners that are considered to be a revolutionary way to treat dental problems. Now, you might be considering getting it for yourself or a member of your family. Well, it's a good choice.

But the question you might be wondering about is what the entire treatment process feels like. Let us take an overall look at the process of getting invisalign in Queensbury so that you have some idea about what you should expect from it.

STEP 1: Visiting Your Dentist

The first thing that you would need to do is to visit a qualified and trained dentist. Make sure that you visit an Invisalign dentist in Queensbury. He/she is a professional who is specifically trained for this particular dental treatment.

When you visit the dental clinic, make sure that you tell him/her everything about your dental issues. They might also enquire about other health conditions. Make sure to tell everything without any hesitation. In fact, if you don't tell them what they need to know, you might end up getting the wrong treatment. So, be transparent with your doctor.

STEP 2: Making the Moulds

In the next step, the dentist would prepare a mold for your teeth. The mold needs to be highly accurate as your aligners would be based on this. Most of the leading dental clinics would use state-of-the-art technology to prepare an accurate mold that would be just perfect for you. 

STEP 3: Getting the Aligners

In about a week, you would get your aligners made for you. You would need to visit the clinic again to get them fitted and they would also recommend to you certain things you would need to do in order to take care of your aligners. You would need to wear them for about 22 hours every day. You can remove it and then fit it back with ease during meals. 

STEP 4: Making Revisits

The aligners would gently align your teeth as time goes by. However, you need to replace them once every two to three weeks, as directed by the dentist. It would take about a year to get completely treated.