The Role Of A Child Care Centre: Preparing Your Child For School

A child care center can also be referred to as a preschool center, kindergarten, or early education center. Even if the kind of learning that takes place in such centers may seem simple (involving a lot of play-based programs), it requires appropriately qualified teachers.

You are also likely to come across integrated centers that offer more than one service for your child. These may include aspects such as early education, daycare in Rockdale, playgrounds, health services, family support services, and early development.

Basically, these child-centered facilities are intended to prepare your child for adult life, and more specifically, entry into elementary school.

When does a child start preschool and primary school?

The South Australian Government provides clear guidance on the best time for children to join pre-school programs. Your child can enter pre-school the same year he turns four if he turns four years old before May 1. This will allow him/her to get the first semester. However, your child will have to wait until the next year to join preschool, if his or her fourth birthday falls either on May 1st or later.

The transition to primary school

Many aspects can be challenging for children and parents as children transition from childcare to preschool and finally to primary school. Parents need to understand the many aspects that can cause stress in their children, from scary buildings to older children in the playground. The rules can also be very difficult to deal with in addition to the formal setting.

  • To help deal with such challenges, several strategies can be used to give young children a better transition:
  • Pre-school visits can be arranged for several weeks. This will help children get used to such new environments.

Such visits to schools can be made more inclusive, by taking the child around the new school, providing a better familiarizing experience. This would help the child identify the various features within the facility, such as toilets and playgrounds.