The Sexual Harassment Complaint – Taking Action

A Sexual Harassment investigation involves many steps and one of the most important is the final report and taking action. After you have done all of your interviews, reviewed your notes and the statements of others and have reached your final conclusions it is time to end an investigation and decide the appropriate actions the organization should take.

Your final report should be addressed to the Human Resources Department or the Legal Department and should include all of your interviews, your witness, accuser and accused statements and the conclusions you have made about the complaint. This should be done in an objective manner with all the reasons laid out. You can also avail of an appropriate sexual harassment training course in order to help you get your claim. 

Now that your investigation is complete, there are four possible conclusions that you could draw – Sexual Harassment occurred, Sexual Harassment didn’t occur, harassment did not occur but the accused’s behavior was inappropriate, or the complaint was without merit.

If sexual harassment has occurred then several actions could be taken. In extremely serious cases of harassment the perpetrator will need to be terminated, but in most cases less drastic action will be needed. A transfer, a demotion, counseling or a permanent mark in their record are all possibilities. In any case, a meeting separate from the accuser will need to occur in which the perpetrator is told of your conclusions and how they came about as well as the actions you will be taking. They will also need to know the steps you will take in the future if harassment continues.