Tips on Choosing a Good Realtor

Although a realtor is a great asset in selling or buying a home, it can be difficult to find one. Sellers want their property to move as quickly as possible and buyers don't want to be forced into purchasing a property that they do not wish to own. Good realtors will help both sides to find the right solution. You can find the best realtor for buying a home from

National Association of Realtors

It is important that the realtor you choose to sell or buy a property be a member of NAR. Avoid any real estate agent who isn't a member. Any violation of the NAR's code of ethics can result in your membership being terminated.

Word of mouth

This is the best way to find an excellent realtor. A realtor can be unbiased if they have a client who recently sold or bought a property. You may also be able to get valuable information about the company they work for. Although it may not be easy to get referrals in this current market, having someone who has firsthand experience is invaluable.

Real Estate Agent, Broker, Realtor: What's the Difference?

Check out the List of Established Companies

Large real estate companies can give information about their employees to help in selecting a great realtor. If a company refuses to give basic information, it is an indication that the company is in trouble and should be resigned.

Good companies, or realtors, will provide current sales information, background information, licensing and any other information required to make informed decisions. Avoid no-name companies. 

Ask questions

These questions can help you decide if you are the right realtor to handle a deal. Qualifications: While the NAR designation should be obligatory, there are other awards or designations that may highlight the qualifications of the realtor.