Treatment of Acne by Red and Blue Light

Sunlight is a natural light source. One of the benefits is the treatment of acne. Some natural visible light will help treat acne. Treating acne early prevents the formation of scars, so various therapies to treat acne are started. This therapy reduces acne by up to 70%

Light is widely used in the treatment of acne. Ruby LED devices is very useful and reduces acne lesions by up to 64%. Applying this therapy twice a week is very beneficial, but for better results, this therapy should be done regularly. Various fluorescence sources such as LEDs, lasers, and various types of dichroic light bulbs are used. Phototherapy is very effective for mild to moderate acne. Intense purple light is used for treatment. The wavelength of light varies from (405-420 nm).

Porphyrins are the resulting compounds that in turn generate free radicals. Frequent exposure to these radicals kills bacteria, which does not cause acne lesions.

Deep light therapy, also called DPLT, is widely used in medical treatment because of its possible applications. It is very helpful in treating pain, acne, and wrinkles. A mixture of two lights works very well, ie. by mixing two blue and red lights by mixing these two lights it shows better results in treating acne 76% of acne is reduced by this method.

Heat: Heat can also be used to treat acne. Applying local heat to the pimple kills the bacteria. No bacteria, no acne. Heat also affects and speeds up the healing process.