Two Components of Car Detailing

Many people think that car washing and car cleaning is the same. They can hardly make any difference between the two. Car washing and cleaning comes under car detailing. But both are two different components of car detailing service. Though car wash and car cleaning can be easily distinguished as exterior car washing and interior car cleaning. If you are looking for any good car detailing company you can refer to Cleen detailing. They are one of the leading interior car wash Ottawa based companies. 

Two components of car detailing are as follows:

– Exterior car wash: The outside parts of a car is usually the first component of car detailing. This consists of the washing parts of car detailing service. The exteriors are easy to wash as they do not have any parts in which the dirt, dust, or anything else can be settled in the depth and so it can be easily removed through washing. Exterior car wash includes Washing and Drying, Claying, Polishing, and Sealing. 

– Interior car cleaning: The interior part of the car covers the area that cannot be washed. The dirt and dust are most likely to get settled inside the car on the seats, covers and roof. Interiors can only be vacuumed and cleaned. It takes much more effort than exterior car washing. Interior car wash includes Vacuuming, Brushing and Steam Cleaning, Glass Cleaning, Leather Trimming, Re-Vacuuming and Wiping, Perfuming.