Uses of Cushions

They provide us with comfort, add to the decorations in our homes, and can serve as something to cuddle with when going to sleep. I am referring to none other than our beloved cushions! I can bet that all of us have cushions in our homes. They have become a necessity in home decoration.

The basic function of cushions is to provide comfort and serve as decorative objects in homes or offices. A cushion is usually made of fabric although it can sometimes be made of leather or plastic as well. They are stuffed with cotton, wool, hair, feather, and even paper.

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We don't only see cushions in our homes, but seats in buses and trains sometimes make use of cushions too. They provide comfort for passengers who are traveling long distances.

Cushions are able to soften the hardness or angle of a chair, which is why they are used in buses and trains. Some people may even use them at home when sitting on the floor or on hard surfaces. They can serve as support for the head, an alternative to pillows when we are reading something or watching TV while lying down.

The best part about cushions is that they come in almost any size, shape, and color that you can imagine. You can search for cushion designs on the internet and you probably will be more than surprised by the unique and creative designs of cushions available in the market today. Seat cushions can be custom-made to fit the design of your chairs at home.