Vertical Garden With Ecosculptures

There are several techniques for decorating an interior, from simply hanging a basket filled with plants to installing a frame on a wall with plants embedded in it. Installing a vertical garden is convenient, but apart from these advantages, your home will be a more unique and interesting place to live.

A vertical garden, also called a green wall, can be tailored to suit your needs and personality. To add flowing, slick water to your garden or indoor garden, you can add a fountain.

And with our modern technology, you can choose from a wide variety of elegant designs that complement your garden ambiance. The sound of water has a calming effect, so you can relax after a long day of work or anytime.

One of the best innovations regarding vertical gardens is adding an aquarium. The concept is very symbiotic, because both the plants in the vertical garden and the aquatic life in the aquarium can benefit from the environment that the fish provide natural fertilizer for garden plants through their feces, and at the same time the garden filters the water for the fish.

The vertical garden is definitely a useful addition to the home. One of the advantages is that you can grow and harvest your own fruit, vegetables, herbs and seeds.

It's also much safer because you can ensure proper plant handling by avoiding the use of chemicals. You can also protect yourself from stress and spend money because you can find fresh produce right in your garden.