What Are The Different Kind Of Fire Alarms Available In Market

You need fire protection for emergencies, regardless of whether you work in an office or shop. Fire alarms are life-saving devices that can be installed in your business premises or at your home. This could put your family, customers, clients, and staff at risk. How do you choose the right fire detection system? There are different kinds of fire alarms devices:-

types of fire alarm systems

  • Wireless

For buildings that do not require wiring, wireless (or radio) alarms are the best option. These buildings include historic landmarks such as churches, stately houses, and listed buildings. Wires would be a detriment to the overall appearance of the building. 

Wireless alarms can also be a great solution for buildings that cover many buildings, such as schools and business parks. Additional units can be easily fitted to these buildings quickly and all are wire-free.

  • Remote monitoring

Even if you love your job, it is impossible to be there all the time. Remote monitoring fire alarms are a great way to keep your property safe, even when nobody is there. Remote monitoring fire alarms can be connected to a monitoring service, which allows you to contact the fire brigade at any time. This ensures that your property is protected 24 hours a day.

  • Conventional

Conventional fire alarms will usually suffice for smaller shops and offices. These systems include detection zones that are linked to traditional alarm features such as smoke detectors,glass-break fire alarm points and heat detectors. The central control panel will usually notify you when the alarm has been activated so that you can pinpoint the fire and make an emergency evacuation.