Wireless Sensor Based Greenhouse Automatic Control System

The system proposed in this paper collects leaf temperature and moisture on the leaves of crops. In addition to greenhouse environmental information like humidity, temperature, etc.

The plant diseases, particularly, have a profound connection not just with indoor environmental factors but also with time-lasting moisture on leaves and leaf temperature. Thus the climate manager or the ultimate in greenhouse automation is as important as indoor environmental monitoring. 

Utilizing the information collected in the greenhouse environment, the indoor environment can be more efficiently controlled, and observation of the plant itself may lead to improved productivity and to prevent the plants from damage by blight and harmful insects.

Furthermore, it would allow farmers to control plant growth by carefully studying the connection between indoor environmental information and track information about the plant itself. The information collected can be stored in the database at the server installed in the greenhouse or into a remote server.

It's possible to collect information and efficiently control and automatic greenhouses on the website or from a remote location with a web browser.

System elements temperature sensors, humidity sensors, leaf humidity sensor, temperature sensor leaves, wireless sensor node, relay node automated controller, and the information server to store information regarding the greenhouse. This system is accomplished using low-power wireless components, and simple to install.